New to SEO – What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization?

In simple words it is the practice to improve the performance of a website with the intention to enhance the ranking in different search engines to increase the traffic on your website. There are countless of aspects to do SEO practice, from the title of your website to the activities of your competitors. It is actually making your site is better to easily understand by search engines. Remember, this practice in not just limited to search engines but it’s about taking care of the visitors too. Basically both of these principles including website performance in search engines and visitors requirements (user friendly website) are parallel and must be managed carefully. There are lots of dynamics to describe the term “SEO” it ranges from keyword research to generating targeted traffic, search engine friendly website structure to link building process, marketing with USP (unique selling prospectus) to confusing technicalities. However there is no need to worry about it as there is ton of useful information available to take care of every aspect and the best thing is that you can easily get it for free.

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Do you need SEO for your website?

The major part of the visitors to the website is generated organically by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, Yandex, Bing, etc. However, there are numerous methods to generate traffic to the website like social media, referral, forums, etc. but search engine is the most important method because it navigates the majority of general internet user. No matter you are offering writing services or selling herbal products, providing free information or just branding yourself, search engine should be the priority to generate traffic. Actually traffic generated through search engines is much targeted as it brings the right people and the ones who are searching exactly what you are selling or offering. If your website is not found in major search engine or your website is not properly crawled by the spider like content and images are not stored in their records, it is really a serious point of concern and you should be paying specially attention towards this aspect as it is extremely important to get your website indexed to gain quality traffic via search engine.

No doubt, spiders are smart enough to easily find out your site and crawl it but still there is lots of concerns from webmasters point of views. There are all the time changes done in algorithm of Google to improve the technology so that it can easily crawled the site to give better rankings to the users. Though, there are certain perimeters within the spider works and sometimes the limits of spider doesn’t allow to fully or deeply crawled the web. So, to get your content indexed deeply and make your web available in SERPs, the best you can do is to the services of an SEO expert.


The words user type in search bar of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are called keywords or search queries. It carries really some unexpected value, as it is proven that selection of keywords make the success of company or can put up the permanent shutters on the gate of an organization. To generate targeted traffic to the website, it is important to target the right keywords. Remember right keywords help in branding, generating returns and great exposure to overall marketing campaign.

Undoubtedly, SEO (search engine optimization) is growing swiftly in not only European States but in Asian regions too especially in Pakistan. Currently it has becomes the main element of marketing plan of almost all Pakistani organizations to make a website by hiring a professional designer and then get services of internet marketers especially social media experts to make their strong presence over internet. So if you want to get SEO services, you can contact me right now as I am one of the best SEO Pakistan (Karachi), just kidding, to be honest there are many SEO Experts in Karachi and if we consider whole Pakistan then there are uncountable.

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